Bailey and Me
Bailey & Elizabeth, her owner

Bailey is still not Home...
Sunday, December 25th

If your own dog is missing, here are some very helpful websites to get you on your way to returning them home:

Place FREE ads nationwide
for your missing pet in:

- The Recycler (newspaper) at
- Craig's List (website) at

- Sherlock Bones - Tracer of Missing Pets
- John Keane will design your Lost Pet Reward Poster & print & ship them to you
- Other services include one-on-one personal consulting, a Lost Pet booklet and an Animal Shelter & Veterinary Hospital database personalized to your area
- Search for adoptable pets
- Locate shelter & rescue groups in your area
- Post classified ads for Lost or Found pets
- Creates a personal URL webpage for your Lost Dog
- Can automatically email your Lost Dog Alert to 1000's of animal-lovers in your area
- The largest database of Lost dogs and Found dogs on the Internet, including photos
- Help printing "lost" posters
- Free web page with your dog's photo -- for use in newspaper ads
- National listings of Lost & Found dogs
- Help printing "lost" posters
- Dog search by zip code
- Submit & search for Lost or Stolen dogs nationwide
- Network with other people in your area involved in Animal Rescue
- A list of over 2000 animal rescue organizations, facilities and lists on the Web
- It is continuously changing and is actively maintained
- Last Chance for Animals (LCA) is a a national, nonprofit animal protection organization
- This website page gives terrific information on locating a Missing Animal
- Last Chance for Animals' (LCA) invites you to participate in a national campaign aimed at raising public awareness of this threatening epidemic -- pet theft
- Nearly two million companion animals are stolen each year
- Find out about the 17th Annual National Pet Theft Awareness Day on February 14, 2005
- Information on contacting your Senator or Congressman to get involved in promoting the issue of pet theft in our communities
- An internet information resource for the recovery of lost and found articles and pets
- Monitors local, regional, or countrywide "found" reports
- Auto Alerts (APB) to notify local resources (e.g. local animal shelters, etc.)
- The MPN is a group of volunteers sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office, who help people find missing pet animals
- Advice on finding a Lost Pet
- List of Missing Pet Network (MPN) State sites with Lost & Found listings
- Print National Pet Recovery's "The Pet Detective's Guide to Finding a Lost or Stolen Pet"
- Links to many other Lost & Missing pet websites
- A website with links to various Lost Pet and Animal Identification organizations & services

- Facilitates adoption of shelter and rescue pets in the Southern California area
- Assists potential pet owners in finding a shelter or rescued pet
- Comprehensive list of shelters & rescue groups in Southern California
- Directory of Dog, Cat & Companion Animal Rescue Groups & Shelters in California
- Assists in finding lost pets & giving a shelter pet a new home

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