Bailey and Me
Bailey & Elizabeth, her owner

Bailey is still not Home...
Sunday, December 25th

On November 8, 2004, Bailey, my four year old female, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was stolen from her bed in my locked car in Beverly Hills. I have raised Bailey from a puppy and she is my devoted & beloved companion. These weeks without her have been incredibly difficult ... among the most difficult of my life.

And I need your help ...

Although Bailey was stolen, by now she is probably walking around on a leash with someone who found her or who unsuspectingly bought her – not knowing she was stolen. (If that occurs, we will reimburse them.) Either way, she is probably not wandering the streets ... she is most likely on a leash with a person.

Obviously, she has to be taken out for walks ... to the vet... a groomers ... a pet shop ... a park .... a dog park ... or just walking on the street ... there are so many places where she could be recognized.

We will give the $2,000 REWARD for information that leads to her return, with no questions asked.

From the first day, the response has been overwhelming – requests poured in for flyers – and over 3,000 of them are now posted in communities around LA -- from vets, shelters, groomers, pet stores & local businesses to police, rescue workers & sanitation workers to FedEx, postal and UPS delivery people.

Bailey’s return is essential ... She is on special medication and diet to preserve her health.

Whatever your beliefs may be, I ask you to please continue to pray or visualize for Bailey's safe return to me. I know this will work if enough energy is directed toward her.

Thank you so very much for whatever ideas, help or time you can offer.

Please join us & help find Bailey ~



FYI -- Bailey was stolen from my locked car in a covered parking structure in Beverly Hills. It was 60 degrees outside, she had water, treats & a bed in the car. The tinted windows were rolled down enough for circulation, but not enough for her to jump out. I was gone from the car at a doctor's appointment for an hour. They broke the passenger door lock & she was gone when I returned to the car.

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