Bailey and Me
Bailey & Elizabeth, her owner

Bailey is still not Home...
Sunday, December 25th

• Although Bailey was stolen, by now she is probably walking around on a leash with someone who found her or who unsuspectingly bought her – not knowing she was stolen. (If that occurs, we will reimburse them.)

• We will give the $2,000 REWARD for information that leads to her return, with no questions asked.
If you think you have seen Bailey ...


Please give as much information as possible ~

• Where do you think you saw Bailey?
(Please be specific, including streets, landmarks, closest intersections and near-by stores or buildings.)

• Did you get a license plate or address?

• Who was she with?
(Please describe the person who may have Bailey, including sex, race, weight, color of hair and build.)

• Have you seen them together before?
(Do you have any other information about them?)

How to Identify Bailey:

• Her coloring is reddish brown and white

• She has reddish brown freckles on her nose and mouth

• She has a white chest and forelegs and a white plumed tail

• She is a little longer and leaner than many Cavaliers

• Her muzzle is also a little more elongated than many Cavaliers

• Her hair is not as thick as the typical Cavalier, it is silky and the white is very white

• She weighs between 20 and 23 pounds

• If she is feeling well she is friendly and playful, and many people mistake her for a puppy

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